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Limited to 1969-1976 Yamaha Singles


1973-1978 RD Twins



$6595.00    Stage 5 is a complete engine package. You supply the completed bike, we remove the engine,

                    make the changes, dyno tune, install the engine and return to you an entire turn key ready to race

                    bike. Allow from 3 to 4 months turn around time.

                    YOU must make sure we have discussed and that we understand YOUR race organization rules.

                    Chassis and air box modifications are not included.

                    Stage 5 porting is the highest horsepower and torque that we have developed to date.

                    The use of welding, epoxy, cylinder spacers, cylinder liner changes etc will be made as needed.

                    Transfer ports and tunnel dividers added or revised as needed.

                    Intake ports and exhaust ports redesigned as needed.

                    Larger billet reed box welded to cylinder  

                    Crankshaft is stroked and appropriate rod length is used.

                   Engine is built using programmable ignition, aftermarket clutch, special bearings etc., a new highly

                    modified carburetor is built along with a Delta V Force reed assembly and any required

                    intake manifold or billet adapter. Piston port cylinders get a billet and rubber intake system.

                    K & N air filter is installed if your frame design and or air box have ample room.

                    The transmission is race cut and properly shimmed. The crankshaft

                    is modified, machined, rebuilt with custom bearings and computer balanced with our 

                    computerized CWT electronic state of the art balancer, we fabricate and install a new one-off

                     expansion chamber that is computer designed, simulation tested and dyno verified to your engine.

                     Dyno printout and Flow Bench data sheet included




$8795.00      Stage 5 (same description as Single)

                    Also includes custom cylinder liners, custom pipes, flow bench testing, engine dyno tuning

                     on our computerized Land & Sea Water Brake Engine Dyno

                    Dyno printout and Flow Bench data sheet included





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